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Essential Things to Do if You Detect Water Damage

By Metairie Restoration Pros | Dec 3, 2020
Water Damage Cleanup Near Me

Water damage is one of the most destructive and harmful factors you can ever experience. Thankfully, taking prompt action ensures the circumstance is appropriately fixed. Regardless if you're a property owner or a tenant, we're here to supply all the needed measures needed. Keep reading to understand what to do in circumstances you notice water damage in your house. For the best water damage restoration metairie la in your local area, reach out to us right away.

Contact your Insurer

In case of severe water damage, we recommend contacting your insurance provider first. Depending upon the protocol you have, the damage might or might not be covered. In the meantime, record the worth of any damaged product and take as many pictures as possible. An adjuster from the insurer will review the condition and figure out if it is a covered loss. Figuring out what is covered and what is not will support you create a retrieval plan for your budget.

Keep in mind: Do not make any significant changes to the property as you may end up breaching a word in your insurance coverage plan.

Determine the Origin of the Damage

Homeowners and tenants need to identify the source of the water trouble before trying to restore everything. Doing so helps you reduce the threats, securing your house from further destruction. If possible, take the required measures to stop the flow of water into your home. If you can not find the cause of the leakage, contact us to investigate the situation.

Look for Indications of Mold

Checking for mold and mildew is key to guaranteeing your residential or commercial property is not harmed more than it already is. Watch out for musty odors and visible mold spores on surfaces and ceilings. If you discover any of these warning signs, we advise speaking with us on mold removal. Small mold problems require to be eliminated, placed it in a bag, and thrown away promptly. It is important to be cautious, as some molds are harmful to the human body.

Security First

In the event of flooding or water damage, aim to keep you and your family protected. We do suggestions on:

Switching off the electricity supply.

Using protective equipment such as elastic shoes and gloves.

Avoiding rooms with loose ceilings.

Not coming into contact with contaminated water.

Safeguard your valuables.

Remove any belongings such as money or jewelry and store them in a safe and dry area. You can likewise raise wood furniture from the moist floor spot. Likewise, get rid of carpet and any loose items that could be on the ground.

Clean Up

Before you alleviate the water damage, make certain that your house is safe. Have us assess the area, and when we offer you the go-ahead, you can begin cleaning up. If possible, the clean-up ought to begin within 24 to 48 hours of returning to your house. We also offer water damage restoration services to make sure all damage is eliminated.

Drying the House

If you fail to take the required steps in drying your house, mold will ultimately start to grow. We usually utilize commercial wet vacuum and dehumidifiers to finish the job. If you are drying out the room yourself, make certain to wear protective clothes.

Water Damage Restoration

As soon as all the standing water and moisture in your home have been eliminated, the restoration process can begin. Usually, we use a particular assessments gadget to check if your house's humidity degree is average. If the problem is serious, the method may take a while. Our repair services include replacing damaged floorings, cabinets, and big locations of drywall.


Water damage can have lasting effects on your residence. If you find any water damage, call us. Our goal is to mend your home as fast as possible and ensure it's safe once again.